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The highest hostel in Europe

The Campo Imperatore “Lo Zio” hostel, at an elevation of 2115 meters, is the highest hostel in the entire European continent and deserves to be visited.

The Campo Imperatore “Lo Zio” hostel is a totally restored historical building that boasts the latest technologies and is situated right beside the arrival point of the new cable car.

A museum including old cable cars pays tribute to the funicular arrival station that, prior to 1988, had been at the site where the hostel is today.

The main entrance of the hostel is directly connected to the funicular station by a tunnel leading to the recently restored ski resort.

Once you here, you can wake up and take your skiing equipment right outside your door and find yourself on breathtaking trails that can satisfy the taste of any alpine skier.

In the summertime, the landscape is more easily traversed and luxuriant and there are trails leading to many peaks along the massif: Corno Grande, Corno Piccolo, Monte porcella, Monte Aquila, Monte Scindarella, Monte S. Franco, Pizzo Cefalone, Monte Corvo, Pizzo d’Intermesoli, Monte Brancastello, Monte Prena e Monte Camicia.

Furthermore, it is possible  to reach two of the main shelters in the surroundings: The Duca degli Abruzzi (2388 MASL on the top of Monte Portella,  close to the main peaks of the massif and Corno Grande) and the Garibaldi (2230 masl on the borders of Campo Pericoli in the area called The Golden Basin).

Our hospitality meets every need

All you have to do is decide what your preferences are: you can reserve a private room facing the Corno Grande; or, as a real hostel, chose a twin or three-bed room with shared restroom; nevertheless, you can stop by us to have a good coffee or a typical lunch in our restaurant.
We are the perfect place for hikers, cyclists, bikers, campers and organized trips: don’t be shy, give us a call and we will manage to make your stay as cozy and welcoming as possible!

The Funicular

In 1988 the ancient funicular was replaced by the modern system we use nowadays. The new one was designed by Agudio Company from the Leitner Group and still today, with its 3 km length, it is considered one of the longest non-stop cable cars in Europe; the new project allowed the straight connection between Fonte Cerreto and Campo Imperatore.

Since then, the old structures were converted into a hotel and restaurant in Fonte Cerreto and a hostel up in Campo Imperatore.

In September 2016, the renovating work of the hostel of Campo Imperatore started. Finally, in March 2018 the restoration of the new building was completed and reopened for business.

Historical background

Right beside the hostel there is the Campo Imperatore Hotel. The construction dates back to the 1930’s and is well known for having been the prison where, from August 28th to September 12th 1943, Benito Mussolini was imprisoned until the German troops released him.At the moment, the facility is closed due to extensive rebuilding.

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Gentili utente,

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Lo Zio